Friday, November 12, 2010

Sisters??....I think so.

Its amazing how 2 totally different people can look so much alike!

This is Savannah at 18 months, teeth and all....

This is Lilly at 10 months, no teeth and all....Yep, I would say that they are definitely Sisters!!!
This year Savannah turned 5!! This was taken on her Birthday at the Build a Bear Workshop.

and Lilly turned 1 !! This was taken on her Birthday on the way to the Treehouse Museum.

My 2 Beautiful girls are so wonderful, they are both so full of life and love. Savannah seems to be more like me and Lilly more like Eric, but yet they do things that are both the same like screaming, just because they think its fun or on the days we get to sleep in, they both wake up at the crack of dawn, but there are the differences that Lilly really likes to eat and Savannah will do anything to get out of it, Savannah doesn't care for things in her hair, but Lilly doesn't seem to mind it most the time. Savannah is a Daddys girl and Lilly is a Mommys girl. All in all they are both wonderful in same yet different ways. I love my babies!!!

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Megan King said...

YOu have the cutest little girls in the world!!!